Wednesday, June 19, 2013


You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they own. How many, what type, and where they live when not in use. Are there some shoes that should have been thrown away years ago, when they were used up?

Only 3 pair! I'm sure I will add to the collection.

I looked in my closet and count five pair. My shoes say I live a simple life, and have no need to dress-up. Sixty percent of my collection are flip flops; comfortable island footwear, easily removed for that stroll at the water's edge on my way home from work. Cool, comfortable, and go with anything I wear. My second pair were made here on the island. They are Kino sandals. Very comfortable, and should last longer than any pair I have owned. The white pair are my $1.99 from K-Mart shoes. These are my 'no scuff' and shower shoes.


Next, my water shoes are made by Keen. I love them. A good snug fit, comfortable, washable, and good for anything you do on or in the water. I got them right before my trip to Belize, because I knew I would be walking a lot, and some of those adventures would be through water. They turned out to be a wonderful purchase. When I wear these out, I will get another pair.

Hiking boots

Lastly, I have a pair of hiking boots. Not sure when I'll get to wear them again, but I will be ready for that hike in the mountains of Costa Rica... if I make it there. I do love to hike, and I bought these shoes after a rocky seven mile hike up to the South Rim at Big Bend Park. My feet were killing me when I got to our camp site, and were bruised for the next several days. When I got home, I ran out and bought me a comfortable pair of hiking boots, and my feet have thanked me countless times since.

The other night, I did have an occasion to wear my only nice dress. And with it, on my feet were Kino sandals, the closest thing to a dress shoe. A little ashamed of my footwear for that event, I need to add a pair of heels to my collection. I feel there will be more of these "dress up" events in my future. We'll see.

Now, go look in your closet. See what your collection says about you.


  1. My shoe count is 2 pair: one set of flip flops and one $8 pair of water sandals from Walmart that are terrible for hiking. I will be adding a pair of hiking shoes for those long walks to the grocery store :)

  2. I landed in Key West with 3 pair of shoes, not a lot of extra storage for shoes. :-)


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