Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scoot-Scoot at the Pump

A few days ago, I pulled into the gas station on Scoot-Scoot. The needle on the gauge was at about 1/4 tank, so I thought it best I go ahead and fill up. Not knowing exactly how big the tank is, I fill slowly. Thinking I had put quite a bit in, I looked at the pump, it said .28 gallons. Finally, it was full, and I had only pumped .75 gallons for $3.10. It costs quite a bit less to fill Scoot-Scoot than it did my Jeep Charokee, and lasts about as many days. I'm liking this.

When I first got Scoot-Scoot, I had never ridden a moped. She has a few quirks, but I learned them quickly and she is fun to ride. The most trouble I had, was getting her on the center stand. I knew there had to be trick to it, so like everything else, I asked Google. I found a couple of videos on YouTube and read a little on a couple of forums. I was not the only one that had this issue. After practicing a few times armed with this new knowledge, I can get her parked on the first try.

I rarely see anyone here in Key West wearing a helmet, whether they are straddling a scooter or a Harley. I, on the other hand, wear my new purchase; a white open faced helmet. No, it's not as comfortable as it would be without one, but if someone runs over me, hopefully, my head won't get crushed. And, I won't have to listen to my friend and family lecture me about the need to wear one.

There are literally thousands of mopeds in Key West. I didn't pay much attention to them before, but now I find myself eyeing the shiny new ones. I'm like that person going to the car dealership and imagining himself behind the wheel of the Mercedes or Porsche. I can dream, can't I?

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