Sunday, August 4, 2013


Who doesn't like birthday cake! It not only tastes good, but when your name is scrawled across the top, it makes you feel very special. They symbolize a celebration of YOU.

A few weeks ago, my roommate bought a birthday cake for her friend. The cake never made it to him due to misfortune, so we ate it. I made a comment to Chuck about this, and he jokingly reminded me that he never got his birthday cake. I felt horrible, how could I let this happen? The next day I was at the bakery and ordered a cake. The following day, I picked up the cake before I was to see Chuck. When I arrived at the store, I was not sure how I would get this 1/4 sheet cake home on my bike, but I knew I would figure it out. I was determined to get him a birthday cake, even though it would be three weeks late. What's that saying, "Better late than never."

Thinking of this later, I can't remember getting a store bought birthday cake since I was about 6 years old. And I don't really remember that one, I just remember seeing the picture of me sitting at the kitchen table with the cake in front of me. The picture to the left is not real clear... the cake is the dress for the doll.

When my brother and I were young, on our birthday, my mother would ask what dessert we wanted, and she would bake it for us. My brother always requested a cherry cheesecake, while my favorite dessert was chocolate cake or apple pie.

My birthday falls right after Christmas, everyone is 'partyed-out' by the time my big day rolls around. I don't harbor ill feelings toward anyone, I totally understand. If you know anyone born around Christmas, do something extra special for that person on their birthday, it will mean a lot to them.

Oh, and Chuck's cake... he was very grateful, really appreciated the gesture and I got to eat birthday cake!

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