Thursday, August 22, 2013


A couple days ago, while riding Scoot-Scoot home, it stalled on me four times. I was praying, while sitting on the side of the road in the rain, "Lord, just help me get home." I have come to the conclusion that the fuel line might be clogged, or the carburetor may need cleaning. This is something I can learn to do. The oil leak may be a little more difficult to fix, but I'm sure I can fix that too.

I was wanting to get another bike at some point, but it was suddenly moved to the top of my "things I want to buy" list, when Scoot-Scoot got sick. The first place I looked, was the store where I found my other bike. Unfortunately, there were no used bikes, and a new Kona, would put me back almost $400. So, this is my new set of wheels. I'm sure it will be fine for a few years, or until I'm feeling rich and get a Kona.

Orange is not my favorite color, but Chuck said, "I like the orange one. You would be seen." This is true, and it would also be quick to spot at the bike rack full of black bikes. I hate to admit that there were times when it took me a little bit to figure out which black bike was mine, in a sea of black bikes.

My new bike is not the only new addition, I have a new grandchild, Presley Jameson Vile Junod, 6 lbs. 4 oz. of precious. She is beautiful, just like her mother.

Dad and Rocket watching Presley. Rocket just starred at her, not sure what to think yet.
When I arrived at the hospital, I was wandering the hallway, when a nurse asked if she could help. I told her my daughter just had her baby. She flipped through the papers she was holding, and asked if her name was Amy. Okay, it's a real small hospital, and I didn't see any other patients on that floor, so Amy's baby was the only excitement this morning. I was told, "Bill and Presley are in there", pointing for me to go into this room where Presley was laying under the heater. A little later, Bill's mother and Rocket entered also. We could go anywhere, that was cool. But I digress.... :-)

The other day, as I was riding Scoot-Scoot, it dawned on me... a moped is the gateway drug to motorcycles. I have caught myself pretending I am on a motorcycle as I lean into a curve. I notice every motorcycle that crosses my path, looking to see what kind it is. I have entertained the thought of owning a motorcycle. Will I give into this weakness? We'll see.

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