Friday, March 11, 2016


The first coat on the decks was applied today. Glidden Porch & Floor, water based paint is what I used to paint the storage compartments. When I returned for another gallon, I was told that Glidden discontinued their water based paint, I would have to go with Behr. So, I picked out an off white and started painting. I believe this might be a better paint. It does not wash off as easy as the Glidden. Guess that's a good thing.

I need to start thinking of the rigging. Oh my! I'm getting close to seeing her float!
Everyone at the Sailing Club was disappointed that they will not see the splash. That will be a private event. I don't want an audience when I'm figuring out the sail position, and how this boat will act. I promised to bring her down on a Sunday, when the regulars gather.

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  1. Pet peeve of mine. Please, make life easier for yourself and replace the mast partner with an opening gate. Yes, more parts, but it's an order of magnitude easier than threading the mast through a hole. You'll be more likely to raise or lower the rig as appropriate when switching to oars and back again.

    Looking good though, appreciate the tip on Behr. I usually use Rustoleum or other inexpensive oil based paint. My brother prefers latex paints, but they can take a few weeks to harden well in our climate (Olympic Peninsula).