Monday, March 14, 2016



Last week I finally took my vehicle to get new tires. I was running on three bald and one with a little tread left. It was time. After they were installed, I was informed that the alignment could not be done because the front end needed parts: ball joints, tie rod... and something else. The quote I was given was $1476. After I picked myself up off the floor, I paid the $520 tire bill and headed straight to my mechanic, Shifting Gears. They were able to get me in two days later, fixed my problems and saved me $500.

I was feeling pretty good about my Explorer. The feeling that I might get stranded with a flat tire, and the horrific squeak was gone. A couple days later I pulled into the boatyard where I work, proceeded to pull around behind the work truck to park... and the boatyard employee started to backup and slammed into me. Obscenities were loudly shouted (by me) and I jumped out to find a deep gouge in my driver side rear quarter panel. My vehicle is far from new and it does have a lot of character, but it didn't have dents, until now. And I wanted it FIXED, so the boatyard manager told me to go get a couple repair quotes.

Bodywork is expensive. The next day I received a phone call from boatyard letting me know they had a check for me and could I pick it up before 5:00. When I got the check, I looked at the dent and thought to myself, "it doesn't look THAT bad". Okay, do I spend all that money on getting the dent fixed and being without a car for 5 to 7 days, or do I just pocket that money that would more than reimburse me for the tires and front end repair?  I've decided to pocket the money and do the repair myself. I'll pound out the dent as much as possible and then the paint job will be unique. I just haven't decided what to paint on it. Flower? No. Maybe a fish... a swordfish! Maybe.

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