Sunday, March 6, 2016


Boat trailers are hard to find in Key West. The trailers you do find, usually need just about everything replaced, or they are too big and expensive. On my trailer quest for my boat, I found either twice the size I needed or the remains of a boat trailer.

Chuck had a trailer that held two non-running jet skis. He donated the jet skis to a guy that thought he needed a project, and donated the trailer to my cause. But, it too needed work. The usual boat trailer parts were replaced: wheel bearings, lights, jack stand. The bunks will be custom cut to fit... later.

My Sweetie has been wonderful in this whole process!
Today was the move date. She is no longer at the Sailing Club. It became hard to work on her; the work bench was removed and the kayaks were moved into my build space. And the fact there wasn't cover to keep the rain out. We have had a LOT of rain lately.

My boat is behind all these boats, so the first think I did was start moving these out of the way. Several guys joined in the rearranging to clear a path for my trailer. The big question was did I have enough hands to get my boat moved onto the trailer. It is heavy, with all the fiberglass and epoxy I laid on her.
The trailer still doesn't have a winch stand, so Chuck tied her nose and stern down. She was not going to become a projectile going down the highway.
Heading out with the mast strapped to my vehicle.
My daughter and son-in-law live within spitting distance from me now. They let me bring my boat to their home to finish it. I have the BEST son-in-law!!!
Under cover and so close, the rest of the build should go fast. Plus I have a lot of extra time right now.
Chuck, my Sweetie, has been wonderful in the whole trailer work and the move. He is so busy at work right now, but he took time to help me. He is wonderful to me!!

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  1. As usual Lezlie, you are doing it totally the right way.