Sunday, August 7, 2011


Gladys and I met back in 1980. I started barber college and she came with my kit of tools. The first haircut I did was on Gladys. She was a good sport about it, and told me, "the only difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut, is about 3 weeks." We have been friends ever since.

In the early '90s, we got into the Halloween spirit. I wanted to make an old-time looking coffin and set it up making our house spooky. Gladys, been the good friend that she is, agreed to lay in the coffin, perfectly still so as to appear dead. The only problem she had, she couldn't keep her eyes closed. That was okay, nobody cared. She sported a red turtle neck sweater, black skirt and black shoes. She played her part well.

A few years later, I planned a road trip from Lubbock, Texas to Memphis, Tennessee. I planned to travel alone, but Gladys voiced her disapproval, and went with me. She rode shot-gun and borrowed one of my caps and a pair of sunglasses. It was summer, but she insisted on wearing long sleeves. It was a quiet trip, she doesn't talk much, but it was nice having someone to listen to my ramblings about nothing.

The last 10 years or so, Gladys has become somewhat of a recluse. Keeping to herself and being so quiet, we forgot that she was here. Yesterday, I was cleaning out my closet and found a tiara that had been packed away and forgotten about. I wore it the rest of the afternoon, just being silly. When Dale asked if I wanted to go dancing, I jumped at the chance to wear the tiara out... and I did. I know that every girl in the place was envious. I felt special! When we returned home, Gladys broke her silence of many years. She asked if she could wear the tiara for awhile. Happy that she had come out of her shell, I gladly fixed her hair and placed the tiara in it's proper place.

Gladys and I have gotten reacquainted and plan many more adventures together. She's my BFF!

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