Sunday, June 10, 2012 2

In order for us to have the trailers at the finish, the boats were launched on Saturday, then the trailer were taken to Seadrift today. The drivers hopped on a chartered bus and brought them back to Port Isabel. It was a 5 hour drive one way.

Meanwhile, there were 8 of us that didn't need to make the trip, so we stayed behind. What did we do? We thought we should visit the beach. We walked to the shuttle stop, when the bus stopped, we asked the driver if a dog could ride. He said yes, so Cathy Wright and I went to get Major...Cathy's wonderful black and tan wiener dog. He wanted to go to the beach too!

We stopped in a shop and the sundresses were on sale for $19.99. I can usually resist, but not today.

The afternoon was spent relaxing and listening to past TX200 stories. And I'm certain I will be recounting my TX200 stories for weeks. Everyone will get tired of my sentences starting with, "on the 200..."

About 7 this evening, most of us gathered at the resturant. That room was filled with the chatter of boat builders and sailors, telling their stories, voicing their ideas. It was great!

Tomorrow we head out for the first camp. This will be the biggest sailing adventure for me. Hopefully I will have more pictures next post.

"Masts up, keels down"

Awdree, Brittany, Tim and Matthew

Gordo & Cathy

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