Monday, June 18, 2012

TX200...Port Mansfield to Hap's Cut

Tuesday June 12, 2012
We pulled anchor about 7:15 am and headed out across the Laguna Madre, caught the channel and headed north. Winds were behind us and about 20 knots. We stopped for lunch. Had tuna sandwiches and tea. Andy Linn and Lindsey on Ooze Goose stopped also.

Traveler hit 10.7 knots and averaged 7, with only one sail up.

Our next camp is Hap's Cut. I had heard the stories about the mud there. And, they are all true. But, there is a big shade tree with a picnic table. Everyone gathered and exchanged stories.

Lindsey was crew for Andy Linn. I understand that Lindsey heard many stories from Andy. Even after 5 days of conversation, I'm sure she hasn't heard but a few of Andy's many tales. Everyone fell in love with Lindsey and was glad she was on the trip. We want to see her join us again next year.

Below are the boats beached and anchored at Hap's Cut.

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