Sunday, June 17, 2012

TX200...Port Isabel to Port Mansfield

Monday June 11, 2012

We packed the boat this morning and got going at 7:48 am from Sands Motel in Port Isabel. The winds were light as we started down the ICW through Laguna Madre. We only flew the foresail, because we knew the winds would pick up.. and they did, 20 knots gusting to 28. We passed several, that's always fun!

At Port Mansfield, we decided to hang a right and camp at the islands there. When we made the turn, Jason and Brittany on Bonita, and Andy Linn and Linsey on Ooze Goose followed us. As we approached the island, we started to drag, so we made our way around to the other side. It was just as shallow there. Jumping off... into the MUD... we pulled Traveler as far as we could up to the beach. Jason and Brittany pulled up with us. After discussing it, we all decided to camp at Fred Stone Park in Port Mansfield. The winds calmed sometime during the night.

Charlie and I didn't have anything for lunch, so we were both starving. After anchoring, we pulled out the summer sausage, cheese, crackers and tea ... and it was delicious!

This was a very good experience. I loved it.


  1. What a beautiful boat! My 13 year old son and I are planning on a build this summer and are looking at sitch and glue plans. May I ask about yours? I found drop-in outriggers from the Duckworks site and am still trying to nail down plans for the boat itself. I would love any help you could give me!

    1. Traveler was built by Charlie Jones. He would be the one with all the answers.