Friday, November 16, 2012


Anyone that knows me very well, knows that I rarely cook.  The galley on THE FLATULENCE is not very big and doesn't have the conveniences that larger boats have.  But I have learned how to cook a meal with fewer appliances.  One skillet meals are the way to go, and my "one skillet" of choice is my small rice cooker.

I can heat water for hot chocolate, cook eggs, make cream sauces, fry spam and…. make rice.  The clean-up is fast and easy, which is important.

Before I moved onto the boat, I went through my kitchen and tried to figure out what I would be able to use in my galley.  The microwave didn’t make the cut, but I had a Black & Decker toaster oven that I thought maybe I could use.  On the boat, it had only been used to make toast and melt cheese.  The other day, I was hungry for a pumpkin pie.  Could I possibly bake a pie in the toaster oven?  Why not? 

I bought a pie shell.  Not thinking, I bought a 9” because that’s what the recipe called for.  

Well, it was a little larger than the oven, so I just turned up two of the sides, and it fit.  Apparently, the oven is not exactly level, so I propped up the left side so I could get a little more filling in there without it running over the top.

It was a success!  Tasted yummy!  

Now I am looking through my recipes.  I'll let you know about my next adventure in cooking.

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