Tuesday, November 6, 2012


There has been much talk about changing the name of THE FLATULENCE.  It seems that most people don't like it, and think she should have a more respectful name.

As I walk through the marina, I see some common, and not so common names painted on these boats.

Few are respectful...

some are funny...

some are clever...

 and some even bawdy.

When I named TARDIS, I gave her the name because she is a small boat, but has great capabilities of traveling to far places.  I am toying with the idea of keeping the same theme going when I rename THE FLATULENCE.  I've been advised to take into consideration how her name will sound on the radio.  Good point.

Several years ago, a turtle was brought home and placed in our backyard.  This turtle needed a name.  I couldn't come up with a good one, so I put the word out... I wanted suggestions for the naming of the turtle.  My brother had the best name: Speedbump.  So, from then on, she was known as Speedbump.

A few suggestions have already been given as to what THE FLATULENCE should be re-christened.  Here is my thought... my readers should write in with their thoughts on names.  If you think you have the perfect name for a 1972 Grampian 26, either leave it in a comment at the bottom of this page, or send it to me directly at lezliehenson@gmail.com.  I will gather them and this will help me come up with a good name for her.

Get your thinking caps on and let me hear from you.


  1. http://www.theoi.com/Pontios/Nereides.html
    There are classic names from mythology. Forget Domestic Goddess, how about a goddess of the sea?

    There is the children's story of the Maggie B, a small ship that has everything.

    There is the top ten boat names. Second Wind being number one. You can look for inspiration here.

  2. Happyness
    Second wind
    Breaking Wind
    Dingleberry (I had 3 boats with this name. One was a texas200 boat.
    what are your grandkids names? Do like chuck pierce and formulate a name using the first few letters of each child's name.