Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inside The Flatulence

There was a little cabinet in the galley that I really liked.  It needed a face lift, so I sanded it and put a couple coats of varnish on it and it looks great.

Next, I took the book holder and moved it to another wall, so I can us it.  I also pulled the paper towel holder and added varnish.  It is drying at this time, so it didn't make it into this picture.

There is a curtain that separates the salon from the forward berth.  I pulled it back the other day and discovered this little hook.  Not sure where I will put it, but it must be moved so it can be used.

The Grampian boats have a very well arranged cabin.  Very comfortable and very roomy for a 26 foot boat.  I have plans for building drawers for clothes storage and small cabinets with sliding doors on either side of the cabin.  I have many plans, it will take time to get them all done, but slow and steady wins the race.

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  1. It looks so clean!!!
    Congrats on living aboard a whole month :)