Thursday, February 21, 2013


I stopped in a little shop, and looking at the necklaces, I found one with a Mako tooth. I had to have it. It will remind me of my fellow Gulf-crossing crewmate, Mako. I miss his quick wit and great imagination. Follow your dreams Mako!

Jewelry has, in the past, mostly sit in my jewelry box. I had a couple of necklaces that I wore regularly, but most rings just got in my way. My wedding band was all scratched up because I never took it off, and the tools were hard on it. I had a collection of wedding rings, and since I would never wear them again, I sold them. No, I didn't get much for them, but at least they were out of my sight. I would rather have the money than have them just sit in a box.

I have worn a toe ring, a simple gold band, for years. The copper thumb ring I wear, doesn't come off now. When I am tired of it, it will have to be cut off. I did discover that it stayed very bright and shiny while I lived on the boat. Salty water shines it up really pretty.

The pieces that survived my purging, are sitting safely in a box, in my brother's storage building. I will send for the boxes when I settle into the place I will call home. I have forgotten what all I put in those boxes. It will be like Christmas all over again, how fun!

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