Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I am staying at my daughter's house until I figure out exactly what I want to do. I want to stay close to the grandkids for a while, and there is another one on the way now. It's just that I was mentally prepared to live aboard s/v Kairos and visit islands, and experience new things. Suddenly, I find myself standing on the dock with all my stuff in a dock cart. Some days I felt a little lost, no friends, no place to go and feel 'at home'. My life is on 'pause'.

The last few days, I have made some calls, sent emails, and filled out a couple applications for work. Not sure if I wanted to work in the canvas business again, I waited until this morning to make the call to the two shops I found online. The first shop told me that they had no openings, and the second shop... I dialed the number and got a recording telling me that the call couldn't be completed. What? I tried it again, making sure that I dialed the right number, yep, same recording. This afternoon, I got a call, and an email, from the first canvas shop, wanting to talk to me. It turned out that the shop did need someone.

I saw a new friend today, and he is going to the Marquesas Keys this weekend. It's like I hear two voices: "fun, free-spirited" voice telling me, "go, have fun, enjoy, it would be awesome!" The other voice is telling me, "Lezlie, you have to get a job, find a place to stay, remember what happened the last time?" I don't like the latter voice. What I really want to do, is continue my journey, but with a more compatible captain. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


  1. Hi Lezlie,
    I've been following your TARDIS build for almost a year. I was excited for you when you bought Flatulence and then I got a little nervous when you signed on as crew on the bigger boat. I'm so glad that you jumped ship and are able to stay with your daughter. I hope you get the job at the canvas shop.

    I am just starting to build my Enigma 450, which is based off of Matt's original Enigma 360. I'm increasing the length by a little over 2 feet and adding a hard top. I plan to build the drop board rear window like you did on TARDIS. I had purchased the Paradox plans about 6 years ago, but when Matt came out with Enigma, I decided to go with the lighter, stitch and glue design. Matt hasn't offered plans yet so I used Free!ship for my design and 'plate developments'. I'll also use info that Matt and George van Sickle posted on the web. I have also learned a lot from your TARDIS build. I've just started a blog of my build at:

    Hang in there, Lezlie. You are starting a new life for yourself. Listen to your inner voice. If you need to get on the water quickly, you can always slap together another Puddle Duck hull! Wishing you all the best,

  2. Well ... you know, of course, that the "peanut gallery" will be voting for you to continue your journey and take that offer for a fun trip to the Marquesas Keys. Jobs can wait :)