Monday, February 11, 2013


I have decided to reside in Key West, Florida. It is a small island, so, I think all I need to get around, is a bicycle. It's cheap transportation; initial cost is $150, needs no gas or insurance. And, my legs will look fabulous by the end of the summer! It's a win-win situation.

My son-in-law knows a guy at a bike shop here, so we drove there today to see about getting me some wheels. I am used to riding a road bike, but that just doesn't seem practical for the island. He showed me a couple bikes that were almost new, but they just didn't feel right. When asked, "how much do you want to spend?" my reply was, "cheap". He then took me to the back of the shop to show me a mountain bike. He said, "I can let you have this one for $150 because I just about stole it."

I wasn't sure about it, so I was told that I could rent it for a week, and if I like it, they would apply the rental cost to the purchase price. That sounded like a good deal, so I paid the rental fee and the bike was brought around to the front. We drove there in a Wrangler. Not sure how to get it home, the guy said he would deliver it. SWEET!

After I sold my Grand Cherokee and turned in my shop keys, I had no keys to keep up with. It is the strangest feeling to not have any keys. But, I have one now; the lock for my bike.

The weather is awesome here. In the daily newspaper, there is a 5-day forecast. I read them, and got a chuckle.

Tonight: Mainly clear; dark from a new moon
Monday: Mostly sunny and quite pleasant
Tuesday: Mostly sunny and magnificent
Wednesday: A thunderstorm not out of the question
Thursday: Question of stormy thunder looms

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