Sunday, February 10, 2013

KEY WEST - Part 3

Remember the story or Jonah and the whale? God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach the gospel. Jonah didn't want to go, it's a horrible place and he didn't like the people. Instead, he jumped on a ship and headed off to do his own thing. God has this way of getting ones attention, so while Jonah was on the sea, a huge storm came and battered the little ship around. Everyone aboard thought they were going to die. After casting lots, Jonah spoke up and said that he was the cause of the storm, and if they threw him overboard, the storm would stop. You probably know the rest: Jonah was thrown overboard, the storm quieted, a whale came along and delivered Jonah to Nineveh. God knows how to get things done.

Six months ago, my daughter and her family moved to Key West. For a couple months, every text I received from Amy was about how wonderful Key West is, and I would love it there. I laughed and thought it was cute, but I didn't want to leave Kemah, TX. When I visited Key West in December, Amy tried everything she knew to get me to stay. Her husband, Bill, remarked many times to Amy, "She's not going to leave." Well, I did hop on that plane and go back to Kemah.

God knows me, so he dangled the opportunity to go sailing in front of me, and I took the bait. Sold, gave away, or threw away nearly everything I owned so I could go cruising. Those endless nights with crippled rigging and 12 and 15 foot waves, compounded by the abrasive personality of the Captain… there were times, I wondered if I would make it to Key West in a boat bigger than the life raft on our deck. I questioned my continuing this journey past Key West. Notice, I say 'question'. After another couple weeks of abrasive dialogue from Captain, I lost all respect for the man, and I decided there is no way I can continue as crew on his vessel. The stress I feel cancels out any enjoyment I would have in the Caribbean Islands. Key West is a nice place… I think I'll stay. My son-in-law's prediction came true, "She's not going to leave." He loves me! :)

I don't regret crossing the Gulf of Mexico on s/v Kairos, although, it would have been better if the boat and captain had been better prepared. And now, I have another sea story. The nights, when not stormy, were beautiful. And the water was gorgeous, that's my new favorite color.

The grandkids have been fun. Rocket is growing up so fast, and Aiden is still quite the character. I am shopping for a bike, no need for anything more at this time. The island is not that big, and the parking is limited here. I need the exercise anyway. But when I do get another vehicle, it will be a Wrangler. Now for an income, I'll find something.


  1. Great articles. Glad you are doing well. Can't wait to hear what happens next :)

  2. Glad you made it safe. I think you made the right decision. Just sorry we wont get to read any adventure stories about Tardis.

  3. Glad you made it safe. I think you made the rIght decision. Just sorry we won't get to read about any adventures with Tardis. Really enjoy your blog. Fair winds.

  4. You made the right decission! Luckily you weren't someplace remote when the ship and owner showed their problems.
    Enjoy Key West and when you are ready, Florida has more sailboats available than the rest of the country combined.

  5. Thanks everybody, and yes, I am keeping my eye out for a bargain. Already started to network in the boating community. I'll have another boat before you know it. I'm making friends, so I will be back sailing even if I don't own a boat. :)