Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Like most of you out there, I too am on Facebook. It is a good way for everyone in our family to stay in the loop, since we are scattered so far now. When I am out and about, I like to take pics of what I see, or what I'm doing. Most people take an "arm shot", so they are in the pic, and you don't have to bother a passerby to do the honors. I have tried this, but I don't like the result; my nose and chin always look huge!

Many years ago, I bought a pair of white flip flops to wear on s/v Escapades. I was proud of those shoes, they were comfortable, stayed on my feet, and they had BLING! On one of our long weekend trips aboard Escapades, I snapped a pic of my new shoes. I thought it was a cool pic, and I decided I would include myself in photos by positioning my feet in the frame. I preferred my feet in my pics, rather than my face. Over the years, my feet have shown up in many pics that I post on Facebook.

A couple weeks ago, a Facebook friend posted a pic of his feet propped up in his boat, as he was sailing. The caption read, "This is my Lezlie Henson pose." I was very surprised when I saw it, because I really didn't think anyone took notice of my usual "pose".

A few days ago, another Facebook friend uploaded a photo of the view from his hammock, which included his feet. Someone commented, that was now called a "Lezlie Photo". My feet are probably more readily recognized than my face, with my signature toe ring and pink toe nails. This just proves that people are watching, even when you think they are not.

s/v Traveler during Texas200 2012

Working on TARDIS

My brother and I on the beach of Caye Caulker, Belize 2012.

At Parrot Nest near San Ignacio, Belize 2012.

Crossing the Gulf on s/v Kairos - 2013.

Looking out into the Atlantic from Key West, Florida - 2013.

Lounging by the pool at the condo in Key West. Florida - 2013.

Relaxing in my bunk aboard s/v The Flatulence - 2012.

In the cockpit aboard s/v The Flatulence - 2012.


Q: What do you call a charter boat captain without a girlfriend?
A: Homeless


  1. I was just told: Officially, it's now called "Taking a LAH"
    Thanks Andy.

  2. I started reading your blog yesterday when I was looking up people who built Paradox and I finished reading your entire blog today. I'm enjoying living vicariously through you! I hope to start my Paradox next year.

    1. Welcome aboard, good to have you along. Sometimes it's a wild ride, so hang on!

      Paradox is a beautiful boat, and you will have a blast building her. We would love to follow your progress, so start a blog to document the build. There are several websites, and helpful builders when you hit a snag. Good luck, and I'm off to have a couple beers on Duval Street..... or 3... or 4.........


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