Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's official! I put off getting a Florida Driver's License. For some reason, I didn't want to give up my Texas connection. There are many perks to being a "Local" in Key West. Many businesses give a discount to the Key West residents, of which I am now a proud member.

The last time I had to renew my driver's license in Houston, I was there for three hours. A visit to the DMV was dreaded as much as the annual doctor visit. However, today, I walked in the DMV in Key West, and no one was in the waiting area. It felt so strange. But, just like everything else I do, I didn't have all of the required documents on my first visit. When I returned about 30 minutes later, there were five customers ahead of me... I was #A150. Within 20 minutes I was at the window, pulling out all my papers to prove my existence and residence, a few questions were asked, a photo was taken, and a signature was given. I'm used to hearing, "You will receive your license in the mail in about four weeks." Instead, I was told to sit in a chair and they will have it printed in a few minutes. WOW, I walked out with it in my hand. Texas should buy them some of those printers!

The DMV has an ocean view, and leaving there, I had a pleasant ride down this coconut palm tree path. There were a total of five iguanas that crossed my path, a couple of them at least 30 inches long. Wearing a big smile, my thoughts were, "I really do live in Paradise."

I found this row boat drifting along the sea wall. I real fixer-upper, and I don't think she will be missed, but I left her for someone else to love.

A couple days later, I saw that the little boat found a home.

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