Monday, July 22, 2013


When I saw the clear waters of the Florida Keys, I was excited about snorkeling here. I jumped online and ordered snorkel gear. Then, I realized I had no way to get out to the reef, or any area that would be enjoyable to see. So, my nifty little bag holding my fins and mask lived in the back of my closet... until this past weekend.

Every year, mini lobster season is held the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July. This gives the local population a chance to catch lobster before the commercial boats set their traps. Chuck wanted to scout out some areas and find the best spot before next Wednesday. Sunday afternoon, Chuck and I went out with Chuck's cousin, Stan and his family. I have only been snorkeling a couple times, and never with my own gear. I was a little nervous, not wanting to fail, or do something stupid. Chuck checked my mask to make sure it fit properly, and it did. Next were the fins, and I was told it was a good fit. Now, it's time to go over the side, and without hesitation, I'm in. It took me a few seconds to get comfortable, but it all came back to me. Chuck took my hand and off we went. Oh, did I mention he brought his spear guns? Yes, we were looking for dinner, but found only small fish. And yes, I want to learn to spear fish too. But I digress ... we saw no lobster.

This grapnel anchor is good for coral, or where the flukes can grip something. They are not good for sand or mud. A breakaway system is necessary, if you want your anchor back. The end of the anchor chain is attached at the crown, brought down the shank, and attached to the eye of the shank with a cable tie. The grapnel anchor is not good for sand or mud, and coming from the Galveston area, where all we have is mud bottoms, I had not seen a system like this before.

I had a great time, and I finally got to use my fins. There were lots of little fish darting under the coral as I swam by, and I saw several barracuda. Here are a few photos of my afternoon of snorkeling.

This looks like a postcard!


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  1. That looks like fun! Reminds me of our Belize trip. Scout out the best dive spots and I'll be there in a few months sis.


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