Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No-See Ums

Sunday, I helped Chuck work on his boat, m/v Jeannie II. He installed an A/C unit and inverter in the cabin. This, and a couple other projects required a second pair of hands on the other side of a bulkhead. I was glad to help. It was the usual hot and sunny day, the Florida Keys are known for. This area is also known for something else, No-See Ums. These are the smallest blood-sucking insects on earth. At least you can see a mosquito and occasionally ward off their attack. No-See Ums are tiny, and like their name, they are so small, they are not visible... but the bumps they leave behind are! All afternoon, I thought the itching, was from a few bites. It turns out that my discomfort was from multiple bites. I counted my bumps this morning and came up with a grand total of 163. You are wondering why I didn't wear bug spray. Actually, I did. Obviously it didn't work on this little hungry bug.

On my way home today, I decided to travel a different route. I passed this sign and just had to share it.

I was on my way to work, and found this little fellow scurrying along the sidewalk at the condo. This is also the only place I have ever come across iguana road kill. In fact, I almost ran over one the other night driving to a friend's house. "Missed him by that much."

You won't see much carpet in Key West. Tile is the way to go. It is easier to sweep the ever so prevalent sand, than vacuum it from carpet.
How is that for a doorbell?

This work table was discovered at SafeHarbor Marina. Scrap metal parts put together to make something useful. I like it!!! It will never blow over, or be moved. Hope it's where they want it.

I'm taking off this next weekend for another fishing trip aboard Yankee Capts. I can't think of another place I'd want to live... I may never leave!

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