Tuesday, September 3, 2013


In past years, I've had some fun Labor Day Weekends. However, this one was very different from any other. This day was spent looking at the landscape of the Atlantic. The weather and water was perfect, the most bright and beautiful turquoise you've ever seen, and calm. It was a perfect day for diving.

With six aboard the boat, we shoved off about mid-morning and headed out the canal and into the Atlantic. Our objective was to find lobster. Lobster live under rocks and coral. How do you find these rocks and coral? Someone wearing fins, mask, and snorkel is pulled slowly behind the boat and looks for these lobster condos. When a promising location is spotted, they drop off and go down to investigate. If lobster is seen, the location is marked, the boat anchored, and everyone goes in.
This is how it's done in Conch Country.
Our first stop was right in Chuck's backyard, a spot that has been labeled "rock pile" on the GPS. Only one legal size lobster was found at this stop, we then moved on out about 3 1/2 miles. The water was clear and we anchored at about 25'.

There is a completely different world under the water's surface, and I am in love with it. I am trying to learn all the different fish, and have heard a lot of talk about the hogfish.
Wikipedia says:
Hogfish is a commonly targeted species for many spear and reef fisherman and is regarded highly by many for its taste and food value. 
 I saw my first hogfish, and can now identify one. For now, I will be the spotter, and let Chuck use the speargun. But, someday........

If you use an old anchor for a doorstop, 
you're in Conch Country.

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