Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Little Sailboat

My friend Chuck, has several boats, and one is a Precision 23 sailboat. When I saw the boat, I didn't see a name written across the transom. I asked about her name, he replied, "She doesn't have one. I just call her 'the little sailboat'." I told him that she needed a name, but I don't believe he thinks that's very important, so I will name her 'THE LITTLE SAILBOAT' until I come up with a better name.

Her mainsail was ripped, and in need of repair. I kept my heavy-duty portable sewing machine, so I took the sail and fixed it, now she's ready for another romp in the Atlantic.

Many homes in the Keys have canals behind the house, and Chuck's home is no exception. How convenient is that! Yesterday, Chuck and I decided to take 'THE LITTLE SAILBOAT' out for a sunset sail. We got the jib on, mainsail cover off, drinks and chips aboard, motor warmed up, cast off and headed for the channel. Once we got to the channel, the motor would die when we tried to give it gas and get on down the channel, so we slowly crabbed toward #2 marker. Once pasted #2, we turned to port and raised the sails. We barely had any wind, which was probably a good thing. Not sure of the swing keel's position, Chuck pulled up on the line, but the keel didn't fall back down. Okay, now we don't have a keel, the motor is not reliable, we decide to head back to the dock. Luckily, it's down wind and with the current, so off we go.

It was nice to be back on a sailboat, even if it was not a very successful sail, it was fun for me. I will make a list of repairs that need to be done so she can go out and have fun in the warm waters of the Atlantic. Sailboats are not Chuck's favorite mode of transportation on the water. She has spent most of her time at the dock, but I hope to change that now. :-)

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  1. I am surprised about the swing keel. I don't think that I would feel safe in the Ocean unless I had a fixed keel. I don't know maybe it's safe. It sounds like Chuck has a good friend in you and that you are going to be a big help in getting his Little Sailboat ready for sailing.
    Have fun!
    your blogging sister, Connie :)


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