Sunday, November 17, 2013


For several years now, I have thought about getting a CHL (concealed handgun license). This has been a year of new adventures for me, so I thought it was fitting to get it this year. Last Saturday, I took a handgun safety class and will apply for the CHL.

The first half was the classroom lecture. It was given by a friend of Chuck, and was very informative. Lots of safety stuff and a general lesson on the different types of firearms. Then came the fun part... the gun range.

My .38 Special.
I have been to a gun range a few times, but not shot much in the last thirty years. Most of my shooting was aiming at a hay bale behind the house on the farm. I started shooting at an early age. My parents would let me take Dad's .357 out and shoot. Man, did it kick! Later, when I was a hairstylist, and carried my bank to and from work, my mother bought me a .38 special. We both took a class for women only, to learn the legal ins and outs of personal protection; in the home and when you travel. It was very informative.

I was very nervous about the shooting part of this class, because I expect a lot from myself. I wanted to do better than average. I took my revolver, the .38 special. Tom, the instructor, did an inspection and then fired the first shot. He set the revolver down and said, "The sight is perfect." I stepped in the box and saw the hole in the very center of the target. Wow, I was impressed.
Five inch circle from 20 feet.

Shooting my revolver again was fun. I love the adrenaline rush I got when it fired, and the pride I felt when the instructor told me that I did very well. I feel certain that I will go shooting again soon.

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  1. You might consider buying one of those push button combination small safes for pistols so that you never need to worry about your grandkids playing with it.