Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Nick and his baby rabbit.

When Chuck goes out of town, I dog-sit Gator. Every dog is famous for something. My childhood dog, Nick, was famous for bringing baby rabbits to the house. My son's dog, Rant, is famous for stealing food off the table and kitchen counter when not watched. She knows it's wrong, but thinks it's worth the punishment when caught. Gator is no different, he sank one of Chuck's boats. (Click here for story.)

I dropped off Chuck for his early flight, and it was only 5:30, still dark, and I was sleepy after waking up at 3:32 am. I go to Gator's house for another four hours of deserved slumber. Upon waking and entering the living room, I see Gator laying on Chuck's leather couch. He casually raised his head with a look as if to say, "Sup?" I came unglued, because Chuck has jokingly said that I spoil the dog, I surely didn't want to be accused of promoting this behavior. My reputation is on the line here! I yell at him to get down. Gator jumps down and I throw his butt outside. Within five minutes he's at the back door barking to be let in. Seriously! He gets yelled at again for barking, and I didn't heard a peep out of him again. He spent most of the day outside. Meanwhile, I cleaned the couch, camouflage blanket and Superman pillow that Gator was laying on.

Spending the day outside with his favorite chew-toy... coconut.

My reputation as a softy is not welcomed. I can't be the "good-guy", only playing with Gator, I have to wear the disciplinarian hat too. We'll see how this plays out. Gator will push as far as he can to find the edge. He better be careful, you can fall off that edge.

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