Monday, June 13, 2016


The other day I took off work early and stopped by the Boater's Resale Shop in Kemah, TX. The location of the shop has moved, and is very close to my work. I went in to just look around, see what they had. I've never seen another place like this one. You enter the door and it is floor to ceiling used boat stuff. You can literally spend hours in there.

When I first started sailing, a friend had a copy of Campbell's Guide to Cruising Texas. I wanted one, so I looked online. Couldn't find one, they were rare, but if found, would cost about $150. That is way out of my budget, so I never looked again. Today, there was a copy at the Boater's Resale Shop, and only $5. I quickly grabbed it. Amazon now tells me they could sell me a used one from $99 to $250. Mine is not the newest edition, I am assuming, but I HAVE ONE!!!

Looking farther into their collection of cruising guides, I found one for the Florida Keys. I had to have it too. The picture on the cover is of Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. I recommend you make a trip out there if you visit Key West. A huge boat called YANKEE FREEDOM makes a trip out there everyday. It is worth the money and your day.

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