Sunday, May 8, 2011

Water Tank Plumbing: Part 1

Lezlie: "Just drill four holes. How hard can that be!"

I found that drilling the holes in the sides of the water tanks was not so easy. The length of the drill and bit was longer than the width of the tank. It was a challenge, but I managed to get holes in the appropriate places.

It was decided that the water tanks would be used for ballast only and not for drinking water. To fill the tanks, the pump will pull water from a hose that will connect to the outside of the hull and hang in the water.

This view is looking back toward the stern. The valve (the grey part) will let us fill or drain each tank separately.

This is aft bulkhead #3. This valve, and the pipe angled down will allow us to use the pump for draining the bilge... if needed. Hopefully, we will never need it, but have it just in case. Clear tubing will run along the port side to connect this valve to the pump. The pump will be located behind bulkhead #4. The next few days I will be working on the plumbing for the pump. This will be covered in Part 2.


  1. Drilling requires different gadgets. A proper tool is meant for a proper purpose.

  2. I really like your plumbing treatment; very close to what I have envisioned for my version of Paradox. Keep up the good work... it's an inspiration!