Friday, May 27, 2011

Stove: Part 2

This week I've been working on the single burner stove and the dividers behind bulkhead #4. The only dimensions I am sure of, are the ones for the stove. Without knowing what will be stored there, I am not sure how big the compartments should be. So, I just divided the remaining area in half.

The ability to easily change out the propane bottle was a must. I didn't want the need to fish for a screw driver in order to pull the burner. The holders pictured on the left, will be glued in the small compartment just behind the bulkhead. This design was the simplest I could come up with. The stove knobs will sit in the slot and the lid will slide over the bolts and be held in place with the wing nuts. These holders will be glued to the back of the bulkhead and the divider parallel to the bulkhead. I will post pictures when it is completely installed.

Today, I pulled out the rudder and rudder stock. They have been cut out, shaped and faired. The
rudder stock has a step mounted on the port side. This is a must. Without it, I would never be able to climb back aboard from the water. The lower pintle is a 5/8 inch rod running inside the length of the stock. This pintle will fit into a gudgeon that I will make.

The rudder is weighted, however, I haven't poured that yet. Maybe I can do that on Sunday.
My next post will have the stove completed and in place and the rudder filled with lead, so stay tuned.

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