Monday, May 2, 2011

Pig Pens

Have you priced silicon bronze bolts lately? Jamestown Distributors had a hand-held radio on sale this past weekend. I decided to buy it, and since I need silicon bronze bolts for the risers of the "pig pens", I thought I would get them from Jamestown Distributors also. WOW, they are very proud of them. Dale told me to look at the McMaster website, they have hardware. Sure enough, they are cheaper from McMaster.

These pigs are 2"x3"x12" and 30 pounds each.

The paradox plans call for 400 pounds of ballast. I don't know if we will need that much, but I have built space for that much. We can always take some out if we decide that we need less.

In order to use a short and cheaper bolt, I needed to raise the height of the chine log. So I did. Now I can use the same bolt for the covers of all the "pens". The foam that I am using is cut from a camping pad. Less than $6 and I can cut it easily and any shape.

Today, I will put another coat of epoxy on the added risers and the ply that covers the insulation. I am putting at least 2 coats on everything, and 3 or 4 on surfaces that will get wet.


  1. Lezlie, this is spooky. I've just come in and washed my hands after coating my ballast retainers in another coat of epoxy!

    They're not as neat as yours, I gave up on the neatness where no one will every see! I also used a camping mat.

  2. Pete, as far as neatness, the camera doesn't show the flaws. I also am not nearly as careful in those areas that only I will see.

  3. Lezlie,

    where did you find the ballast material?



  4. I went online and found a man that had collected wheel weights. I also found a 40 pound lead pig at our Boater's Resale Shop. If you live in a small town, sometimes you can find a tire shop that will give you their used wheel weights. I need to make about 100 more pounds of ballast, but I've been lazy about doing the hunting.


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