Friday, March 1, 2013


Follower #1:   When is Lezlie going to get another boat, and do something worth reading about?

Follower #2:   It will be any day now.  You know she must be having withdrawals.

Follower #1:   Yeah, it's been what... nearly a month since she got off the boat.  LOL


I ride my bike by the water everyday, see all those boats and lust after them. I want a boat! I was told that there are tons of boats for FREE. Oh, that's my favorite word, followed closely by CHEAP.

The other day, I was perusing Craigslist, and I found a 1980 Grampian 26 for sale here in Key West. I did like the layout of the Grampian I owned, and this one has a stove! The price was right, so I sent an email to inquire about it, and gave my phone number. The owner, Marty, called me, and we talked for a long time. She was excited that I knew what 'haul-out' meant, and that I was a former Grampian owner. The boat is on-the-hard in a boatyard, located in Stock Island, just north of Key West.

Yesterday, I went to look at the boat. I fell in love with it... did I say it has a stove! It does need some work, but, I think I can do most of it myself. I will be able to live on it in the boatyard while I work on her.

The ad said she was built in 1980, but the numbers on the transom, say differently (GRM266551273).

I am very excited. She will get a good sanding and bottom paint first thing. Her name is Capsicum. Not sure if I'll change it or not, but I'm sure some of you think it is a more appropriate name than The Flatulence. Right Stan?  :-)

I don't remember what I was saying, but I'm sure it was interesting!

I'm so freakin' excited about the stove.

Feels like home.
A new adventure begins... is everybody ready?


  1. Wow -- what an improvement! Lifelines, bow pulpit, a stove, and the interior looks great!!
    So happy for you :)

    I googled the name: bell pepper?

    I would do a renaming to something like Karma. Then when the going gets rough you can say stuff like "Karma's a bitch."

  2. Capsicum, isn't that the chemical that makes hot peppers hot? I think a boat called Hot is much better than farty. Looks like a good boat for you. What kind of a stove, propane?


  3. Also check the play in the lower rudder bearing while it's out of the water.


  4. Lezlie, the last four digits of the identification number are month and year of build. At least that's what Google tells me!


    1. Yes, that is true. She was built in Dec. 1973.

  5. Lezlie, just trying to keep up with you on your blog makes my head spin!

    1. haha, well, I couldn't go very long without a boat. I will be learning as I go. First order of business... sand the hull.


  6. While you are at it check out the chain plates.....I am glad you got off that other boat. I know things happen but thats a biggy...

    I followed you blog last year or the year before I don't remember and got got up to date a week ago. In the mean time I was and have been building a boat. A SCAMP. Best wishes with your new boat.

    Pete SCAMP hull 52

    1. Thanks, and yes, I did check out the chain plates, and they need some attention. I saw the SCAMP that Mike Monies built, I really like it.

  7. I am so very excited for you and I'm looking forward to watching your project as you get her ready to sail. Now you need a name for her . . . I thing that the name is very important. Our last sailboat was a Catalina 25 named WAZAPAN , we made this name up, it came from "Was A Pan", we sold a restored Pan Head Harley to buy her. People were always asking about her name. We sold her about 6 years ago and have been sad ever since. Now we are looking at a smaller trailer-able 21 foot wooden sailer. She is a project, we will hopeful get to put her in the water this weekend to check for leaks. She has not been in the water for 3 or 4 years. If she doesn't leak we will hand over the money and bring her home. I am so excited for you and I think it is wonderful that you can live at dry dock while you fix her up. That will free up more money for the boat :)
    I'm going to add you to my front page blog list, so that I do not miss a single post. Please come over and follow me back, and when we start our project my husband will be blogging about the process. I'll send you his blog address.
    Here's to smooth sailing.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie.
    P.S. it must be a blast living in the Keys :)

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  9. I like the tanbark jib and all that teak below! Very salty!
    When you need parts, "marinerecycle" on yahoo groups is pretty good and Sailorman is right up A1A in Ft Lauderdale. Lot's of great stuff!
    Enjoy your new boat, the family and Key West!

  10. Pleased for you Leiie; stick at it, get her in the water and do some sailing. I'm cruising my West Wight Potter - currently at Ramsgate, Kent, England. Hoping to get further.