Friday, March 8, 2013


She looks so tiny in the boatyard!

At the boatyard, there are these two guys that are helping their friend work on his boat, while looking for their own. They needed something small and cheap for their first boat, and have talked to me several times about buying Capsicum. Yesterday, I decided to sell her... today, Capsicum has a new owner.

I listened to that little inner voice, and it told me to "SELL, SELL, SELL". I don't know why, but I'm sure there is something just around the corner for me.  Whether it's another boat, or an opportunity to go cruising again. I have just learned to follow that inner voice, and it usually gets me where I need to be. The journey is not always easy, but it's usually an adventure!

I have had several invitations to go sailing. Some for just a day or two, some have been for a month or two. I would rather do the cruising thing, rather than the 'get-a-job' thing. My daughter is probably ready for me to leave... however, it is convenient when she needs a sitter.

The job hunting will resume today... argggh!

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