Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Those two extra wheels make life a little easier. My daughter and her family went out of town for a week, and didn't want to leave their Jeep Wrangler just sitting for that long. It could possibly become a temporary home for Mr. Homeless. Yeah, it has happened.

What have I done different with those two extra wheels... you ask? Well, I went to the grocery store, for one thing. I can't carry many groceries on my bike, and things tend to get smashed when I tie them down. And then, there's the rainy days. Bill was nice enough to put the doors and top on before he left. It is fun to drive without the doors too, but the driver's seat gets a little wet when it rains.

My next vehicle will be a Wrangler. I LOVE IT!!!! I would say that the Wrangler is the most popular vehicle here in Key West, right behind the scooter and bicycle. They are everywhere. The other day, I looked out at the parking lot, and saw two other Wranglers parked next to my ride.

After not driving for a few months, it feels a little awkward getting behind the wheel. Doesn't take long to get back in the rhythm of shifting gears. Today, I thought I would take it to work. I was closing, and it looked like it might rain. Silly me thought it would be quicker and easier, when in fact it was a nightmare and took the same amount of time. I drove around for 10 minutes, and still couldn't find a free parking space. I timed getting home, and found that it is just as quick on my bike.

Amy and Bill's Wrangler is easily recognized. Bill stenciled he and Amy's wedding date on the hood. On the back, there is the stick figure family. You wouldn't know it, but Bill is a Phillies fan... oh, you could tell? The last sticker was just added last week. The little girl is still in the oven, but will be done in August. I am very excited. The testosterone/estrogen levels were way out of balance in that family.

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