Sunday, April 14, 2013


April 14, 2013. I've just finished dinner and stretched out on the couch watching a movie with my roommate, when my phone rings. It's Mako, my former crew mate on s/v Kairos. We exchange a few text occasionally, but never phone calls. This is odd. I answer and ask him how he's doing. Mako asks if it would be possible for me to come pick him up, as he has disembarked s/v Kairos.

I remember, just two months ago, when I was standing on the dock, all my belongings in a dock cart, with the feeling of both relief and 'oh crap, now what'. Mako didn't know anyone else in the area, and he knew I would understand his situation... and I did. Without hesitation, I grabbed my bag, borrowed my roommate's vehicle and drove to Marathon, FL, where they docked.

Mako and I crewed together during the crossing of the Gulf of Mexico on Kairos. I had worried somewhat about Mako sailing off with the inexperienced captain. The possibilities of bad situations, are endless. I am glad he is off the boat, and safe.

Kairos has been repaired and is ready for the trip to the Bahamas, but the captain is not. I don't know how he will ever be able to keep crew on the vessel, unless he changes his behavior. This is the third crew member to leave him. Most people don't put up with the ranting of a madman and being belittled. It will be interesting to read the next update of the voyage on the captain's website. His account of the Gulf crossing did not include me... oh wait, he did use my photos in the story, without giving me credit. Will he erase Mako also?  We'll see.

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  1. Best for both of you that you are out of that situation. Many red flags from the start...