Monday, April 22, 2013


One person told me, "When you come to Key West, you have to bring him/her with you, because you won't find one here."

While I've been here in Key West, I've met several guys. Most were nice guys, friend material, but nothing more. The chemistry was just not there. Here was my experience with two of my 'online' guys:

One day I received a message from a guy, I will call Grinch (that's not his name, just who he looks like.) He saw my profile, noticed I was also from Texas, and wanted to say hello. In order to do this, he had to change his profile to 'non-smoker', because a 'smoker' couldn't contact me. His message started with these words, "...I know we are not a match, but I have a group of friends here I would like to introduce you to. Most are from Texas..." My reply started with, " You are right, we are not a match..."

I met Grinch and a few others at a bar to listen to the live music and have a few drinks. It was fun. I then joined this group of friends for a St. Patrick's celebration. It was fun and I had a great time. By the next outing, Grinch was telling me, "I'm crazy about you! We need to talk, I'll quit smoking!" This is the kind of situation I hate. Grinch is nice, but IT AIN'T HAPPENING!!!! To make a long story short, I lost that group of friends, and one of them was a lady I had been kayaking with. Bummer.

Then there was a nice looking guy we will call 'Sun-Worshiper'.  He has a nice house right on the water, complete with a pool table and hot tub. I went out with him on his power boat. While anchored, sunning with beer in-hand... he turns to me and says, "I wonder what the poor people are doing today?" First thought that ran through my head, "Sitting here with you on your boat."

Sun-Worshipper made that same comment again before days end. Few days later, he asked to see me before he left for a week stay in the Bahamas. I was busy and couldn't make time for him, and his response was, "REALLY? ttyl"  Never heard from him again. We are from different worlds.

I've been in contact with a few Captains, but never met. They have been off on a boat delivery, or live farther up the Keys and just haven't made it down here. But, they all three enjoy sailing. That's a big plus!

There were several first meetings, and once was enough for me. However, I did meet this one guy.... I've seen him many times now. We'll see what happens. Taking it slow, one day at a time.


If your idea of mass transit is a pontoon boat, 

you must be in Conch Country.

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