Thursday, April 18, 2013


When my daughter learned she was relocating to Key West, she tried to describe the island to me. Her best, and most accurate sentence was, "It's an island of misfit toys." Now that I have been here almost three months, I do agree. And will add, I fit in perfectly.

Someone else describes Key West this way:
Key West cannot be 'put in to a box'. I suggest that Key West is one GIANT box filled with 'un-boxed' people and no bubble paper to absorb the shock of them occasionally crashing into one another or the sides of the box.

Key West (KW) is different for everyone. I have met people that have moved here after falling in love with the Keys during a visit. For many, it's the fishing. They go out nearly every day. For others, it's the laid back life style. And others, simply the weather, water and view.

A person born on the island is referred to as a Conch (pronounced konk). A Conch is proud of his/her heritage, and they will tell you to which generation they belong, "I'm a fifth generation Conch....". In Texas, when a baby is born into a family, it is common to display a sign in front of the home announcing the new arrival. It's not done as much now, but in the past, a conch shell was placed on a stick in front of the home of a new baby born in KW.

My grandson, Rocket, missed being a Conch by 6 weeks. This August, my daughter is expected to deliver a baby girl. She will be a first generation Conch.

It is not cheap to live here. Properties are expensive, groceries are not cheap. We do not have a WalMart, nor Target. is our friend. Many businesses give 'local discounts' to help out their neighbors. The first Sunday of every month, many of the museums and tour businesses are free to the locals. I plan to take advantage of these discounts.

The temperatures are rising, and the sun is intense. My tan is a nice golden brown. The sunscreen and lotion I was using, were heavy and made me sweat more, thus removing the sunscreen. I found a moisturizing face lotion by Eucerin that I love. It is SPF 30, and my skin is not looking dry. I can be outside for hours and my nose does not turn red.

Today is my day off. I will do my usual running around; bank, Publix, then maybe the beach... or pool. Maybe get a new swimsuit? Yeah, that's the ticket!


  1. Thanks for the great tip about Eucerin sunscreen. I'm putting it on my store list right now!

  2. Thanks for the window on Key West. I spent several hours there (haha - not nearly enough time) back in 2010. So we toured the cemetery of course! And the butterfly conservatory. We hope to make it back some day.
    Dave (you may remember me as captain of Puddle Duck Racer #287 "Duck Soup" in the video you made a few years ago)

    1. Of course, I remember you and your Duck! Yes, you should visit Key West again, and stay longer next time! :-)