Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lead Quest: Day One

I couldn't put it off any longer... I need lead. The forms for the lead pigs have been built. I decided to make 20# and 30# pigs, with a total weight of 400 pounds.

There has been a lot of talk on the forums that I read about where lead can be found. Used wheel weights. That sounds like an easy thing to find, so I jump in my Jeep and head out. My first stop was at a chain tire store. They send their used weights back to the company they buy them from... no lead for me there. I decide to just drive down the road and check with every store I see with tires laying around, they must have used lead weights. I stop at the next store, I am told they re-use their weights. Okay, so I drive down a little farther. The phone number is painted on the side of the next tire store I come across, so I decide to just call. It was a little hard to understand him, as I don't speak Spanish, but I think he said he does sell the used wheel weights, but he doesn't have any. Maybe in two weeks. By this time, I'm getting a little discouraged. As I drive on down that road the next two do not sell their lead weights.

Now, I'm real discouraged and about that time I drive past a recycle center. They buy scrap metal, maybe I can get some there. Parked outside the fence, I dial the number painted on the fence. It rings... I can hear it on the loud speaker in the yard... kinda' eerie. I am told they do not sell to the public. Where to look now? I remember seeing wrecked and rotting boats in this yard near a marina I used to frequent. Maybe I can find an old keel? So, off I go.

The place with the boat parts has since been cleaned and I was out of luck there. But, across the street, is the Boaters' Resale Shop of Texas. That place is like a magnet, of course I had to go in! It is a wonderful place. You can look for hours and not see everything. I came across a swing out electronics bracket, which we need, and now have, and at a good price. The drive was not a total loss. But, I still need LEAD
On my way home, I decided to call Lead Products Company and find out how much they get for their lead bars. $1.93 per pound. After quickly doing the math in my head, I realized I HAVE to find scrap lead. But, another day. I would go home and regroup.

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  1. Good luck Lezlie.
    I found exactly the same problem here.
    Lead is a very sought after commodity and it's quite difficult to find except in the scrap merchants. I priced up buying scrap lead and casting it myself, but by the time I'd outlayed for a decent burner and gas bottle, plus the hassle and danger of working with 40#s of molten lead, I just went ahead and bought some precast pigs from a lead supplier. They were far too big to handle so I chopped the in half! I spent a bit more than I expected but it was a job I was happy to leave to someone else!