Saturday, April 2, 2011


The plywood for the sole has been rough cut. I decided to have the sole on either side of the water tanks double as the bottom of the storage bin. When the front of the bins are attached, I will raise them so the sole can be removed for easy inspection.

I have cut the storage bin fronts, and cut the openings. The insulation has been cut to fit the sides between bulkhead #1 and #4. In order to protect the insulation from being messed up, I will cover it with 1/8 inch... something. This is the next step, to find that "something". I have cut a 5/8 inch dowel into 3/4 inch lengths. These will be glued with epoxy to the hull. Holes will be cut in the insulation in the proper places so it will slide over the dowel pieces. Then the 1/8 inch "something" will be screwed into the dowels. I believe this will give the inside a nice finished look.

This morning, my neighbor, three doors down, is having a garage sale. They moved in some time ago, and I have been feeling bad for not going down to meet them. I thought this was a good opportunity to go and meet her. When I introduced myself she said, " Oh, you're the one building the boat!" It seems, that is how I am known: the one building the boat.

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