Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Ducks and a Goose at Lake Bastrop

It's not often, actually it's rare, that I'm in the picture because I'm usually behind the camera. But, this last weekend I ended up on the other side a few times. Dave was in Duck Soup and I was in iDuck, we were sailing along and I saw that he was filming. I wanted to get my camera out and film him in Duck Soup, but I had both hands full and was busy staying right-side-up.

photos & video by Dave aka Super Dave and Kevin.

Dave also got Kevin in his goose.

Click the link below to see Super Dave in Duck Soup.

Super Dave!

The wind was blowing pretty good and the occasional wave made it an interesting sail. Just thought I would share these short videos that Dave and Kevin took.

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  1. I'm going to try another camera, so hopefully my pink/purple-tinged videos will be a thing of the past. Keep up the great work on the Paradox! I reckon I'll see it at one or another messabout one day.