Monday, April 4, 2011

Sailing Lizards

Dale and I took our PDRacer, iDuck and baby Goose, gOZling sailing on Lake Somerville. We store the boats under a tarp in the backyard. Two lizards had set up house in Dale's boat. When I saw them the day before, I warned them that they might want to stay home, because they might not like sailing. They did not heed my warning. Dale saw them in his boat (the blue one named gOZling) when we unloaded the boats at the lake.

We arrived around 10 am, and the wind was blowing pretty good, about 20 knots. We reefed all the way down, and later in the day when the wind got up a little more, it wasn't enough. The biggest problem we had, was getting launched. We had not sailed from this location before, and did not realize that it is shallow for a long ways from the shore. It wouldn't have been so bad, but the wind was high, and trying to blow us back to shore. My plan was to video while we where sailing. But in these little boats, with the wind gusting, I had the tiller in one hand and the sheet in the other. If I get distracted for just a second, I can end up in the brink. Didn't really want to go swimming yesterday. However, I did turn it over once, but it was in only 3 feet of water. My hair didn't get wet, but everything else did.

The lizards first sail was a rough one, but they made it back to shore safe and sound. The little one pictured above, decided to come out on deck and sun for a bit before returning home. The trailer was backed into the drive and left until this morning. The little lizard was still there. The larger one, had obviously found a new and safer home.

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  1. You seem to have had enough fun judging from the pictures, the long shallow shore seemed to have been a bother to you but the weather favored you. You were so unfair to the lizards though!


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