Thursday, April 28, 2011

Insulating TARDIS

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Some Paradox have insulation and some do not. I wanted to insulate TARDIS, but I didn't want the insulation to be exposed because I think it would not stand up to the wear and tear over the years. I have chosen to cover the insulation. I decided to use 5 mm ply. This is the thinest product I could find locally, at a reasonable price.

Before the sides were glued to the bulkheads, I made paper patterns of the areas that were to hold the insulation. When it was time to cut the insulation, the patterns made this job easy.

In order to attach the ply, I cut a 5/8 inch dowel into 3/4 inch lengths and epoxied them to the hull. After the epoxy cured, I put 2 coats of epoxy on them. I then took the pre-cut sheets of insulation, pressed them up against the dowels. This made an impression on the insulation, showing me where the holes needed to be cut in order to slide the insulation over them.

I took a piece of conduit that was just bigger than the dowel pegs and sharpened one end. To cut the hole, I placed the sharpened conduit where I wanted a hole and just pressed and turned. It made a neat hole.

The insulation was used as a pattern to cut the 5 mm ply. I will apply 2 coats of epoxy to both sides. Using brass screws and finishing washers, the panels will be screwed into the dowel pegs.

Most of the cabin area will be painted white. This will make it lighter inside, but I do want to leave some parts the natural wood.

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