Saturday, September 29, 2012

1 more day...

This first slip is where I will be living.  Gordo, Chris, Cathy and Major helped me move The Flatulence into her new slip today.  The day started out rainy.  The plan was to move her at noon. It stopped raining about the time we arrived at the boat.  Chris and Cathy moved the rest of their stuff off the boat, Gordo started the engine, we untied the lines and pushed off.  With the dinghy trailing behind, we slowly made our way across Clear Lake and into Waterford Harbor Yacht Club.  It was a nice ride, not many on the lake, except the POLICE!  They looked the other way and did not see the expired sticker on the bow.  Oh well, this is normal for me... it goes right along with my expired inspection sticker and tags on my Jeep.  I will take care of them all next week.

Pictures?  Oh, you want pictures of The Flatulence.  In due time.  It started to rain shortly after we docked, so I was not able to get pictures today.  The Flatulence needs some special attention.  Do not judge her harshly!   I can see what she will look like with a little carpentry and fiberglass work, sanding, paint, varnish, canvas, and a lot of elbow grease!  I already have a color scheme picked out.  Navy hull, white deck, and burgundy stripe, Captain Navy canvas with Brass trim.  Ahh, she will put the pretty little green boat next to her, to shame.  After she has her new paint, she will deserve a new name. A name has already been decided on, but that will not be revealed until it's time for the renaming.

Back to Pasadena.  Another load has been packed onto the utility trailer and ready to haul it to storage.  It's still raining hard and I don't want to unload it in the dark AND rain, so I will get up early and take it in the morning.  Shortly after I return, Larry will come over and we will finish the trailer for TARDIS, and load her.  She will be stored on her trailer in a fenced yard by my canvas shop.  I will have my tools there at the shop, so I will spend a few weekends working on her, and should have her ready for the water soon.

Only a few more things to pack and then... cleaning, I hate cleaning!

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