Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Days, and Counting ...

Today, as I approached the driveway of my home in Pasadena, I saw a couple of bags of trash at the curb.  This was not anything I had placed out there this morning, which meant that my roommate had moved out.  The house was already looking pretty sad, but now, it doesn't even resemble a "home".   I am sleeping on a foam love seat and all the "furniture like" items are gathered in the living room.  An ESTATE SALE was held last Saturday and sold a lot of things, but still have many items.  A few things have been sold on Craigslist, and several still listed.  I didn't realize I owned so much stuff.

As I was throwing away 17 years of notes and photos of my past sewing business, I had this feeling suddenly come over my, "What the hell are you doing Lezlie?"  But, that feeling left as quickly as it came, and I was back to the purging of unneeded and unwanted items from my past.  There are very few things I am keeping.  If it has a tainted memory attached to it, it goes in the trash.  I am hitting the restart button of my life.

I get one of two reactions when I tell someone that I am moving onto a boat.  The most popular is one of excitement.  A lady just the other day, smiled and said she was excited for me.  There have been a few that thought I was crazy, but I think I over-heard my mother say - I have always been a little different.  I know she meant it in a good way... I think.

TARDIS?  Oh yeah, I haven't had any time to work on her.  This weekend, my neighbor Larry, said he would help me work on the trailer and get her pulled up on it.

It's very quiet here, alone... even both dogs are gone.  The black one on the left, went to live with my Dad.  He loves her!  The one on the right, is the neighbor dog, lovingly referred to as "Bug Eyes".  She  always came running when she saw me drive up.  She has found a new home also.

So here I sit, no roommate (wasn't here much anyway), no kids and no dogs... man, this house is quiet.  I better go sweep and mop those two empty bedrooms, and close them up.   10 days and counting...

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  1. I think what you're doing is awesome - keep posting.


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