Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 Days...Starting to Stress

Drinking Dr. Pepper from a champagne glass.  Thought I would use it before I throw it away... I couldn't even sell it for 50 cents.

I'm exhausted, my feet are killing me.  Slowly but surely I'm getting the house cleared out.

Dinner had a theme tonight: RED.  Strawberry jello, Red Velvet cupcakes, and a blush wine.  And, oh so nutritious!  Okay, it was yummy anyway.

I think my neighbors have figured out that a lot of the stuff I am throwing away is not trash.  I drag bags out to the curb and they disappear within hours.

My kids' stuff is being stored in a storage unit.  Hopefully, their stuff will find it's way to them within a few months.  The rent is cheap, and the second month is free.  I can handle it for a few months.  I made another trip there today.

Living alone SUCKS!  Last night I was in my bedroom watching something on my computer.  I heard a loud noise in another part of the house, and my heart started to race.  I knew all the doors were locked, and it couldn't be anyone trying to get in.  This morning I saw that a plastic pitcher had fallen out of a trash sack and hit the floor.  Oh yeah, and I just heard a rat running around in the attic.  If I was staying here, I would do something about them.  Just started seeing them lately in the garage and hearing them in the attic.  I will be glad to be out of here.

The next few days are going to fly by.  Still have to finish the trailer for TARDIS, clear out the house, clean it up... oh crap, I forgot about the lawn...

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