Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 Days........... and I haven't panicked yet!

For those of you who just tuned in, I am building a Paradox sailboat named TARDIS.  I am also in the process of moving out of my house in Pasadena and moving onto a Grampian 26.

Most of my possessions have been sold, given away, or thrown to the curb.  No, I did NOT sell my tools.  They will go and live at the canvas shop.  The past several days have been devoted to rearranging the tables in the shop, and building a shelf under several of them.  I will store my tools there, and anything I couldn't part with that will not fit on the boat.

Another trip to Harbor Freight.  The lights on the trailer do not work.  The whole assembly needs to be replaced.  Trailer jack and safety chains are also on my shopping list.  Because I didn't know the location of the winch on the trailer, I have not put a bow eye on TARDIS.  Every bow eye I found, the threads were not long enough.  So, here is the plan: weld stainless steel bolts onto the bow eye to the length I need.  Genius!  

Today's lunch was left-over fish tacos from last night.  My friend fed me, and it was really tasty!  But, dinner... I opened the pantry...hum....I found a pouch of salmon.  Opened the pouch, spooned in mayo, pickles and pecans.  It would have made a nice sandwich, but no bread.  I did have lettuce, so lettuce roll-ups it was.   While looking through the pantry, I found jello.  I remembered seeing frozen strawberries in the freezer.  Guess what I will be having tomorrow night!  Meals here at the house are becoming a challenge.  There is a lot of food here and needs to be eaten.  In the freezer I found ground beef, pork chops, chicken and shrimp.  I think I will cook supper for this friend that is always feeding me.  I make a good Cajun meatloaf.  Maybe Italian chicken... and baked Redfish with a creamy shrimp sauce... this is making me hungry.  That salmon I had for dinner didn't last too long.


  1. Lezlie, is the "4 days" a real deadline? (Like the house is sold and the new owners are moving in?) Or is it self-imposed? Good luck! can't imagine moving onto a 26-foot boat myself; too much of a packrat, and too much sentimental and historical stuff!

  2. If you want to make your future trailering free of the usual cursing and traffic fines, build a light board for Tardis instead of putting the lights on the trailer. The light board will bungee and tie to the transom of Tardis with a long wiring cable tied over the deck to the trailer tongue and then to your car. It removes for launching so the lights never touch water and so never die an early death.

  3. Jeffrey, my lease is up at the end of this month, and I don't want to pay for anymore days in this house. :-)