Sunday, September 9, 2012


The deed is done... I filled out the application and paid the deposit on a slip. This will be the location of my next residence. I was very nervous when I went in the office of the marina. This was something new, something I've never done before, a new adventure.

Yesterday, I visited the marina with a couple of my friends. We walked the dock and looked at boats, then sat for awhile. As we sat there looking out over the marina, I could hear those familiar marina sounds; the gentle whistling of the wind through the masts and rigging, the clanging of a halyard against it's mast, the faint rubbing of the fender between the boat and the finger pier.... calming sounds.

With everything in life, there are compromises. I have already measured the distance between my slip and the shower, restroom, laundry - ~200 steps. This is important information. Okay, yes, it will be a stroll to the facilities, but I'm willing to endure these inconveniences. The advantages out weigh the inconveniences.

My drive to work will be cut from 25 miles, to 2. That means a five minute drive, instead of 35... and a lot less gas to buy. My living expenses will be cut by two-thirds. Having money at the end of the month will help too.

I go through my day now, wondering how different my everyday life will be. It will be more simple, more time for me, closer to all my friends, maybe a little more laid-back. I'm looking forward to my new adventure. Just three more weeks...


  1. This makes me feel like I'm part of something BIG!!
    Just remember -- The Flatulence is a stepping stone to your future!

  2. Good luck with everything you’ve been going through, Lezlie! The moment when you were watching boats was probably the best of all you ever had. But, remember, that when you enter your new life somewhere… more moments are sure to come for you to cherish! Good luck, again.