Monday, July 11, 2016

ROAD TRIP: part 3

Day 5 - Quincy, IL
Friday, July 8, 2016

The day started late. I took Dickens, the Adventure Dog, out for his much needed morning walk. Jackie’s daughter made a delicious Caprese salad and fruit salad for lunch. After lunch, we loaded up in the car and took a tour of the historic district of Quincy, IL. I have never seen so many beautiful historic homes in one town. In order to get to one of the marinas here, you cross a one lane bridge. 

After the tour, we headed to Menards to pick up a couple of chairs for the concert that is held twice a month at the park. Washington Park has a lot of history, and tonight there was “Blues in the District” concert held there. We took our folding camp chairs, cheese and crackers… and the wine. To be honest, I couldn’t even tell the genre of music that was being played, because the sound system was not that good. All I heard was the rhythm and the bass, but I had an awesome time visiting with my new friends complete with background music. 

There are no pictures of me during this event, as I made Jackie delete the pictures of me. I enjoyed a little too much wine this evening and looked hammered. This is a look you will have to experience in person!!!

Day 6 - Quincy, IL
Saturday, July 9, 2016

The farmer’s market was held today at the town square. Jackie and her daughter can’t pass one of these up, so we got dressed and headed downtown. We picked up some peaches and mini pies. Then we had lunch in a little place across the street named Thyme Square. I had a wonderful burger complete with mushrooms and onions. Yummy!

Jackie and I packed up and headed up the road to Holland, Michigan. It was a drive mostly on the interstate, because we needed to make good time. Getting a late start, we arrived at the hotel at 11:00pm. Since we didn’t stop for dinner, we had a feast of sausage, cheese, flat bread, hummus and … wine, of course.
I'm beginning to think I might be a wino!
Being the boyscouts we are, or would it be girl scouts?...anyway, we figured out a way to cut the cheese and sausage without the knife we left in the truck. Take note of the fancy stemware... because we are sophisticated!


  1. Have a ball. Put a knife in the cooler and one in the purse. At least one will make it to the room

    1. We bought a knife at a road side garage sale. Along with two wine glasses! We are up-town now!

  2. Isn't Holland Michigan famous for their tulips. Maybe tulip season is over...

    1. We didn't see any real tulips, but saw a lot of pictures of tulips. lol