Thursday, July 14, 2016

ROAD TRIP : part 6

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016

This has been a stressful day.

Everyone gave us a lot of advise on what you can and cannot take across the border to Canada. We were told that you cannot take fruit, vegetables, jelly, and limited wine….that they would confiscate it. So we counted our bottles of wine, gathered our fresh fruits together along with our jelly and was ready for the confrontation. At the booth we handed over our passports, driver’s license and the dog’s papers. All she was really interested in, was the relationship of Jackie and I, and how long we were going to be in their country. It was non-eventful. 

We quickly realized that our smart phones are stupid across the border. My phone didn’t work at all… nothing! Jackie’s phone was able to make phone calls, and her map came up, but not all the functions worked. No internet. The Garmin was useless. There was a lot of traffic, then suddenly the traffic stopped. And we stopped for about 2 hours. 

Having nothing else to do, I pulled out the crackers: Penguins and Goldfish. A taste test was conducted, and here are the final results: Penguins are more cheesy. Goldfish are more like a cracker. So, there you go.

We were told to take highway 7 at Toronto. We saw a sign that said 7 with an arrow, so we took the exit. That was a mistake. We ended up in rush hour traffic and a traffic light almost every block. We had a paper map, but it was a little confusing with Toronto at the edge to the page. I was navigating old school, and not doing a very good job of it. How did anyone ever get anywhere before smart phones!

I finally got us on the right road, and it was a scenic road, however, the sun was low in the sky, so we didn’t get to enjoy much of it. It was late, but we did get to Perth, Ontario for the night. Now I just need to figure out those stupid mileage signs!

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