Saturday, July 16, 2016

ROAD TRIP - part 8


Jonas Abromaitis hands over the key to s/v Stella Maris.

s/v Stella Maris was ready and waiting on us this morning when we arrived. The truck was loaded with the rudder, outboard and spare tire. The hitch needed a little adjusting, but was an easy fix. Off we went. 

Crossing into the U.S.

We crossed the border at 1000 Islands. The view from the bridge was magnificent. When I get around to making a bucket list, getting out on that water will be on it. The border guard informed us we didn’t have a license tag on the trailer. We ignorantly assumed it had one. We then learned that the boat would have to be imported, but could be done at a later date, but before it can be registered. We again, were asked what our relationship is. He did not ask if we had anything to declare. So, the fresh strawberries, lemons and alcohol were not even mentioned. He was preoccupied with the boat. So, all the warnings from everyone about crossing the border, worried us for nothing.

The weather was good, we were putting the miles behind us, when we decided to stop in Cicero, NY for a break. Stopped at a light, a man comes running to my window and tells me that my wheel is burning. We pull into the bank parking lot, get out, and the left bearing in smoking. Being a stranger in this town, we had no connection here for help. I sent a text to Chuck Weitzel in Key West, FL. I asked him to get on his computer and see if he could find a trailer repair place close. He gave me a number. We called Northside Collision, and talked to AL. AL was getting off work in a little while, and would come by and take a look at the trailer. He helped us move the boat to a better location in the parking lot, and unhook it from the truck. A tow company will be coming tomorrow morning to pick it up on a flatbed and take it to the shop. We were told that parts have to be ordered.That sounds like a long stay here in Cicero, NY, doesn’t it?

Worn out, Jackie and I booked a hotel room, found a place to eat and had a nice meal. Then to this room we went and opened up a bottle of bubbly! It’s time to put this stressful day to bed.


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