Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ROAD TRIP - part 4

DAY 7- Holland, MI
SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2016

 Jackie and I got to the hotel in Holland very late, had not eaten dinner, were very hungry, and had a lot of cheese, crackers and wine. So, we did indulge. It was very, very late when I got to sleep. The curtains are obviously darkening, because when I woke up the room was very dark and I was surprise to find that it was after 10:00am. Jackie had heard there was a good restaurant for breakfast called The Biscuit. Off we went.

After a tasty breakfast, we rolled out of Biscuits and drove south toward South Haven, MI. We came upon a park that seemed to have a view of Lake Michigan, so we pulled in. I walked down to the beach to put my toes in the water. OMG it was cold! I don’t know how all these crazy people can put their whole body in that water. I picked up four pretty rocks and went back to the parking lot. 

It wasn’t a few miles down the road that we saw a sign advertising cherries. We turned around and drove up to the building in the field. Not only did they have fresh fruit and vegetables, they had a junk store. Since we didn’t have a good knife for our late night snacks, not a cork screw, nor a proper glass for our wine,  that was the first thing we looked for… and found!!

Farther down the road in South Haven, we toured the Michigan Maritime Museum. In the gift shop, I found a sailboat charm for my bracelet. Every charm I have, has meaning or significance. This charm symbolizes the trip I took with Jackie to pick up a sailboat.

This is the boat used in the movie "The Finest Hours".

Boatwerks in Holland was our choice for dinner, and it was delicious. Sitting on the edge of Macatawa River, with the boats racing up and down the river, was very relaxing. 

Back at the hotel, it was laundry time for me, then up to the room for a glass of wine. I think a hot bubble bath would go well with this wine!